It’s Your right to Progress @ work

A requirement of the Local Government (State) Award 2023 is that all Councils have a salary system that sets out the rates of pay for the various roles at Council.

Each Council’s salary system must have a range of grades, and each grade must have both an entry level rate of pay and a number of progression steps – each with an increasing rate of pay.

As a general rule, all employees should have (at a minimum) an annual assessment to allow for them to progress through the various steps of their pay grade.

Clause 8(vii) of the Award states:

Except where otherwise provided, employees shall be assessed for progression through the salary range for their position at least annually, or when they are required to use skills that would entitle them to progress through the salary system.

This regular review is important as it not only allows you to progress to the next pay step but should also set out objectives and training needs to enable you to continue your progression through the pay system.

If you have not had a review within the past 12 months, you should raise this with your Team Leader or Supervisor in the first instance.  If you have requested a review but have not been given one, you should talk to your USU Delegate or Organiser about escalating your request to a more senior Manager and lodging a USU Grievance Form.  You can seek assistance and advice from the Union if needed to complete and lodge your grievance in accordance with the Award.

Remember, it is your right under the Award to have a regular salary/performance review.  Further, if you believe that a lack of training is preventing you from progressing through the salary system, you can request, under Clause 33(iv)(b) of the Award, that Council develop a training plan specific to your role.

Failure by Council to do either of these things is a breach of your Award conditions and you should contact your Union for assistance in exercising your rights.