How healthy is your workplace?

Do you have a healthy workplace

What is a healthy workplace?

A Healthy Workplace is one where Workplace Health and Safety measures are continually revised and implemented, where people policies that support wellbeing and resilience are implemented and supported and a positive and inclusive workplace culture is supported, encouraged, and led by Senior Management.



What is an unhealthy workplace?

An Unhealthy or Toxic Workplace is one where the workplace behaviours make it unpleasant to work in.

Signs of an unhealthy workplace include:

  • A lack of praise and positive feedback from management
  • Lack of consultation and in many cases even secrecy from management
  • Gossip and rumours spread throughout the workplace
  • Walking on eggshells around managers
  • Bullying and Harassment in the workplace and no action taken by Management

An unhealthy workplace can affect morale and create impacts to your mental health, self confidence and affect the ability in doing your job well.


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“Regardless of how we work, the key to a flexible work environment is it has to be safe, consistent and ensure the support is there.”


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“Working from Home Provisions should be negotiated and protected.”




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