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Join the USU to take part in the upcoming member votes on the Local Government (State) Award.



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Joe, Shoalhaven Council

“I talk to my mates outside work, and I realise how many entitlements we have. And I’ve got to say it’s because of the Union. They’ve got our backs.”

Darren, Kiama Council

“With the cost of living it’s good to know that the Union’s there fighting for us. If we didn’t have them in there fighting for us, I don’t think any employer would give us a pay rise at any time.”




Join to vote

Your union, the United Services Union, is in the final stages of negotiating a new Award to cover local government employees in NSW.

If you are a local council worker, no matter your role, your pay grades and workplace conditions have all been negotiated by the USU.

The job security and good pay you’re accustomed to has been secured through tough negotiations with council management representatives in previous Award years, empowered by your union member colleagues.

In recent years, this has seen regular wage increases, additional leave entitlements over and above the minimums – including for parental leave and sick leave, as well as covid leave during the pandemic – and securing your flexible work arrangements.

The USU is your union, and your member colleagues need you to join to strengthen the show of support for a strong 2023 Award. Help secure your pay, your conditions and your Award.

Darren, Kiama Council

“I guess it’s good when we’re coming up for an Award, because you get to have a voice. You know the Union’s in there fighting for the best deal we can get.”

Clare, Liverpool Council

“Without members and without new members, we just don’t have that same power.”




What our members are saying

Robin, Shoalhaven Council

“I think sometimes that we forget what the USU has done for council workers up until now over its long, long history. I think it’s easy to forget what great entitlements we have, all our leave provisions, and we sort of take it for granted sometimes.”

Jake, Newcastle Council

“I think it’s no coincidence that the best job that I’ve ever had is also the job that’s got the strongest union membership and that’s working in local government and being a member of the United Services Union.”

Darren, Kiama Council

“When we did go through the pandemic, they were able to secure the special leave for us, which entitled some people up to 20 days. It just felt a bit secure that you knew that was there, especially for those that had no sick leave or annual leave left.”