The United Services Union has always celebrated Union Picnic Day whether at our Metro picnic day* in March or around the state at regional picnic days throughout the year. For USU members working in Local Government Union Picnic Day is a Public Holiday. Union Picnic Day is celebrated for the right reasons – giving employees with a common interest and goal the opportunity to gather together socially to promote a spirit of unity.

Check out your picnic day rights under the NSW Local Government (State) Award here.

* Whether you are entitled to a paid day off depends on your Award or Agreement.

All USU Metro financial members who work in the Clerical and Private Sector Industry, Energy Industry or Airlines Industry should check your Enterprise Agreement or ring the USU to see whether you are entitled to a Union Picnic Day off work with pay. If so, Metro members and their families can attend Metro Picnic Day on the day for free.

If your Award or Agreement does not include Union Picnic Day off work with pay you are still entitled to attend Metro Picnic Day if you pay Union Picnic Day rates, however you will need to make alternate leave arrangements. Not sure? Talk to your USU Organiser or ring the USU Support Team on 1300 136 604.


USU Metro Picnic Day is held each year on the second Friday in March.

Check out some photos from Metro picnic day 2024.

Check out some photos from Metro picnic day 2023.

Been thinking of joining the USU? Not only do you receive protection at work, journey protection insurance, professional representation and other discounts, you can enjoy annual Union Picnic Day.

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Full Picnic day conditions can be downloaded here.