The United Services Union (USU) has over 30,000 members and represents local government, energy, airline and clerical and administrative employees throughout NSW.

The USU:

  • Negotiates your Award
  • Negotiates Collective Agreements
  • Protects your rates of pay
  • Protects your conditions of employment
  • Protects you against unfair dismissal
  • Conciliates and arbitrates disputes
  • Protects your health and safety at work

Many thousands of workers have chosen to join the USU, allowing us to provide membership services including industrial guidance, protection and a number of significant benefits to our members.

The USU has created a number of additional benefits including discounts which if utilised could potentially recoup the small financial contribution your membership constitutes.

Your union works on various campaigns aimed at improving the quality of life for our members and their families.

Issues include Long Service Leave, Maternity & Paternity Leave, Sick Leave, Working Hours and Conditions that many employees enjoy but do not realise come from the collective strength of unionism.

If you have any issues in your working environment about which you have questions, you should contact the Union and we will be only too happy to advise you.

The USU has branches and organisers right across New South Wales so that we can be in the right place when you and your family need help.

If you think for a moment, most groups of workers across the public and private sectors have a Union to collectively bargain on their behalf – even employers have their own “Unions” usually in the form of Associations. For example medical practitioners have the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and lawyers have the Law Society to represent their interests.

Only through continuing growth in membership can the USU ensure improvement in wages and conditions for our members as well as protecting those conditions for which we have fought long and hard.