The Union provides a Mortality Benefit payment to the immediate next of kin of a deceased member. The death of a member can be an extremely difficult time for families, emotionally and financially. The Union, through its Mortality Benefit programme, endeavours to make benefit payments as soon as possible to approved applicants.

Mortality Benefit Policy

  1. Should a member die who is a financial member as at the date of death and has been a financial member in accordance with the provisions of Rule18, for a period of at least two years prior to the death, then an application may be made to the Union for a Mortality Benefit.
  2. A claim for a Mortality Benefit must be made within six months of the date of the member’s death.
  3. The benefit shall be paid to an applicant upon the presentation of proof that such applicant has made arrangements for the deceased member’s funeral accompanied by a receipt or account from the Funeral Director. When provided by way of an account (invoice or statement) the payment shall be made out to and paid directly to the Funeral Director.
  4. In accordance with Union practices and to ensure the fast and effective payment, the Union prefers to make payment to a bank account ie via electronic funds transfer where possible.
  5. Where a claim does not meet policy in part or all requirements of this Policy, the Executive of the Union shall have the discretion to accept or decline benefit. Nothing in this policy prohibits the Executive of the Union granting a special application for payment of the benefit.
  6. The amount per member payable shall be $2500; however, a pro rata of this amount may be paid by direction from the Executive.
  7. The amount payable will be reviewed and determined in accordance with the ability of the Union to meet the payments.
  8. The policy does not extend to life members or retired members of the Union as per Executive direction December 2000.
  9. The Executive of the Union reserves the right to vary, amend or rescind this policy at its discretion.