As a member of the United Services Union you are entitled to many benefits. Some of them are listed here. For further inquiries please contact the USU Support Team on 1300 136 604.

Industrial Strength

The United Services Union (USU) has over 30,000 members and represents local government, energy, airline and clerical and administrative employees throughout NSW. READ MORE.

Industrial strength

Workplace Support

Workplace Support

Our industrial and legal staff are based in the Union’s Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong offices. The Union may provide referrals on legal matters to reputable law firms that have a sound history in supporting workers rights. READ MORE.

Legal Help

The USU provides members with the opportunity to obtain advice from the Union’s Solicitors. READ MORE.

Legal help

Great Banking

Legal help

Australian Mutual Bank offers competitive, flexible banking products.

Your USU loyalty opens the door to outstanding banking services and a list of deals that may save you serious time and money!

As a USU Member, you will experience exceptional customer service and dedicated support you can count on!  READ MORE.

Journey to Work Insurance

Your USU has ensured that financial members of the United Services Union are now covered for journey protection insurance* which means you continue to receive income if you are incapacitated as a result of an accident experienced when travelling to and from work. READ MORE.

Journey to work insurance

Holiday Discounts

Holiday discounts

United Services Union members now have the option of holidaying at the USU’s RiversideResort @ Port Macquarie, or heading south to Jervis Bay at the Rail Tram and Bus Union Holiday Park. USU and RBTU members can now stay at either holiday location at discounted member rates. READ MORE.

USU Picnic Day

The United Services Union has always celebrated Union Picnic Day. Union Picnic Day is celebrated for the right reasons – giving employees with a common interest and goal the opportunity to gather together socially to promote a spirit of unity. READ MORE.

USU Picnic day

Union Shopper

Sign up with Union Shopper and start saving on a wide range of goods and services. READ MORE.

Union Shopper

USU Scholarships & Awards

Phil Smyth scholarships

The Union supports members and their families through  a range of Scholarships and Awards, including the Phillip Noel Smyth Educational Scholarship, the John Beacroft Memorial Scholarship for excellence in Sport, the Roy Byrnes Community Award, the Emily Callachor Perpetual Award and the New Gen Apprentice and Mentor of the Year Awards. READ MORE.

Mortality Benefits

The Union provides a Mortality Benefit payment to the immediate next of kin of a deceased member. The death of a member can be an extremely difficult time for families, emotionally and financially. The Union, through its Mortality Benefit programme, endeavours to make benefit payments as soon as possible to approved applicants. READ MORE.

Mortality Benefits