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The Pros and the Cons of working from home

So, you are thinking about a move towards working from home, or you may already be working from home and considering that this is what you would love to do forever, or you may have had to transition to working from home because your organisation has decided that this will now be a permanent thing.  Whatever the case may be, Working From Home since the Pandemic is fast becoming the new norm for many workers.

Most working from home jobs requires internet connection so you can collaborate and network with colleagues and managers.  You may also be required to work on data, maintain files or if you are a Call Centre Consultant, communicate with customers.  Whatever the case, working from home gives employee’s flexibility and freedom to perform their work tasks from their home office.

The idea of working from home can be a very appealing thought!

Not having to drive or catch a bus or train or both to and from work, not having to dress up in business attire every day, not having the boss lurking around the corner in the office does sound appealing.

But for others it is not so, social isolation, missing co-workers, and escaping the office at the end of the day may have you feeling like its ground hog day every day.

Below you can find out more about the pros and cons of working from home.  Hopefully these lists may assist you in deciding if this is a move (or not) for you.

Working from Home and the ATO

For the past two years, if you have been working from home, you have been able to claim the flat 80 cents per hour method to cover all costs of working from home provided you could produce records that showed that you had been working from home.  This method though ended on June 30 this year and from now on you will have to claim these expenses in a different way.

The following shows 2 ways that the ATO will be allowing you to claim for your working from home expenses these are The Fixed Rate of the 52 cents per hour Method or the Actual Cost Method.

So how do they work? And what method is best for me?

Let’s break them down and see!

The Ideal Home Office Set Up

So, you have started to fall in love with working from home and want to create your ideal home office space.

Or maybe you have decided that you need a dedicated space to concentrate and get your creative juices flowing.

Or you need to get away from the rest of the house.

Whatever the case, the following will help you to create of proper safe space for which you can work from home.

The United Services Union is here to listen and here to help.  We can provide support throughout any internal investigation as well as Representation in either the Fair Work Commission or NSW Industrial Relations Commission.  If the matter is a Workers Compensation Claim, USU members are also entitled to Legal Representation through the process.

If you are not a member and wish to join, you can do so by going to our website HERE or contact our Help Line on 1300 136 604 or speak to your Union Delegate

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