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Performance Management Plans – also known as Performance Improvement Plans or PIPs are a management tool or action plan that is implemented when a manager believes it’s necessary to help an employee improve their performance.

What’s in a Performance Management Plan (PIP)?

Managers should meet with the employee to discuss the plan, seek feedback, input, and expectations. They may include:

  • Information – including examples and explanations of performance concerns, clear expectations and timelines around improvement and possible consequences, your position description and any relevant policies and procedures to further clarify expectations
  • Support – including guidance on what management will do or provide to you to achieve these goals, such as additional resources, training or coaching and mentoring
  • Follow up & Review – how you will meet with your employer to discuss progress and to ensure the objectives and timeframes provided are reasonable. If you meet the objectives set, the PIP should be signed off as successful by your manager.


Your employer cannot be harsh, unjust or unreasonable if they seek to terminate your employment. Get in touch with your workplace experts at the United Services Union to receive advice if your employer starts a formal or informal performance plan.

Speak with your union – the United Services Union.


  • Working from home can have added stressors, such as family responsibilities, fewer resources and disruptions to work activities.
  • This includes setting unreasonable expectations in the circumstances, not providing proper support, or not considering your personal circumstances.


  • The United Services Union can assist USU members in setting up a proper framework and explore issues that might be impacting your performance
  • Remember, underperformance isn’t the same as serious misconduct. The team at the United Services Union can help to ensure that any plan is attainable and fair
  • At any stage you should be allowed to be supported by an USU representative.

The United Services Union is here to listen and here to help.  We can provide support throughout any internal investigation as well as Representation in either the Fair Work Commission or NSW Industrial Relations Commission.  If the matter is a Workers Compensation Claim, USU members are also entitled to Legal Representation through the process.

If you are not a member and wish to join, you can do so by going to our website HERE or contact our Help Line on 1300 136 604 or speak to your Union Delegate

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