Our industrial and legal staff are based in the Union’s Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong offices. The Union may provide referrals on legal matters to reputable law firms that have a sound history in supporting workers rights.

Free legal advice may be available across a range of work related and personal issues, with interviews available in Sydney, Parramatta, Newcastle, Wollongong, Gosford and in regional areas by arrangement.

Collective Industrial Services
The Union’s Industrial Department represents the wage interests and conditions of employment of the membership in the following areas:

• Award applications
• Collective agreements
• Council agreements
• Certified agreements

Individual Industrial Services
Industrial advice and representation is also available for a range of individual matters including:

• Unfair dismissal
• Unpaid wages
• Grievances
• Victimisation
• Harassment
• Discrimination

If you have an individual Industrial complaint which is unable to be resolved at the local level your Union Organiser, in consultation with your local delegate, may make arrangements for your issue to be reviewed by an Industrial Officer.

Industrial referrals are assessed on their merits, prospect of success and availability of resources. Priority is given to collective campaigns. After assessing your grievance the union may provide assistance by way of advice, or the commencement of proceedings in conciliation or arbitration, whether or not proceedings are pursued will remain at the discretion of the union.