Newcastle City Council have applauded the United Services Union’s submission to the inquiry highlighted that over recent decades critical local government services have been put at risk due to unsustainable funding models imposed on NSW Councils, such as the economically damaging policy of rate capping and annual increase in the section 88 waste levy.

CITY OF NEWCASTLE Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes wrote to USU General Secretary Graeme Kelly OAM:

I draw your attention to the enclosed Lord Mayoral Minute endorsed at the 28 May 2024 City of Newcastle Ordinary Council Meeting.  

As you will see, the Lord Mayoral Minute specifically refers to the United Services Union’s (USU) submission to the NSW Government’s Inquiry into the Ability of Local Governments to Fund Infrastructure and Services.

The Minute notes the longstanding and complex financial challenges faced by Local Government’s whilst also outlining the damaging impact untenable funding models have upon our sector. In particular, the minute addresses rate capping and the annual increase in the section 88 waste levy, which as we both have identified, are harmful economic policies.

City of Newcastle values the USU’s ongoing support for its members right across New South Wales and acknowledges that collective action and united advocacy, are fundamental in achieving deserved and reasonable access to the services Local Government’s provide.

On behalf of City of Newcastle, I want to thank you for your advocacy on establishing fairer and more sustainable funding models for the NSW Local Government Sector.