For nearly two years, the dedicated Metropolitan team has been advocating for enhanced recognition of our early childhood education members. Each week, the team embarks on a full day visit to centres throughout the metropolitan area.

After two successful mini conferences, a member survey, and many conversations, a Draft Early Childhood Education and Care Schedule was developed. It is hoped that this document will become a part of the Local Government State Award where we can continue to build on improved conditions in years to come.

Key highlights of the draft schedule include:

  1. An additional 5 days per year of sick leave to acknowledge the higher instance of illness among educators.
  2. Allowances for both nominated supervisors and educational leaders. These roles are usually performed as additional duties and our members are not compensated for them.
  3. Mandated programming time to assist in meeting regulations around reporting.
  4. A shift allowance for those required to work broken shifts throughout the day. Many individuals in the out-of-school hours care sector endure 3-hour shifts before and after school, incurring extra travel expenses and facing challenges in managing personal commitments.

Currently, meetings are underway with members to endorse the draft. The initial feedback indicates support for the document. Following the final vote scheduled for May 28, 2024, the union will commence negotiations with LGNSW and employers to progress this matter forward.

For further details, visit our website at  Should you have any inquiries, please reach out to Sandie Morthen at

USU Organiser talking to member