In a significant breakthrough, the long-standing industrial dispute between the United Services Union (USU) and the Secretary of the Ministry of Health concerning NSW Ambulance has reached a resolution on the provision of laundry allowance.

The decision comes after USU members voted to accept the terms proposed by NSW Health, signifying a pivotal moment in the ongoing negotiations. This has started the process to rectifying the inequality in treatment and remuneration between Ambulance dispatch staff and Emergency Medical Call Takers.

A key highlight of the accepted offer is the introduction of a laundry allowance, amounting to $11.00 per week, ($572 per year) for all uniformed staff employed in NSW Ambulance control centres. This provision, falling under the Ambulance Service of New South Wales Administrative and Clerical Employees (State) Award, is poised to significantly benefit frontline workers. Importantly, the allowance will take effect from the first full pay period following the date of agreement, ensuring swift implementation of this crucial support measure.

Looking ahead, the USU intends to engage with health ministry representatives to address outstanding claims related to reclassification and explore additional enhancements to the existing award. This forward-looking approach reflects the union’s commitment to advocating for the best interests of its members.

USU Organiser Mick Jones emphasised the significance of this resolution, particularly that it not only resolves an immediate concern but also sets a positive precedent for future negotiations.

This resolution marks a significant step forward for industrial relations within NSW Ambulance, ensuring that USU members receive due recognition for their role and contributions to the community.

The USU would like to thank all of our members at NSW Ambulance for the incredible work they do every day taking 000 calls. This laundry allowance is an important step in the USU securing the appreciation you deserve. If you’d like to see more examples of the work these members do, you can view some of our Facebook posts HERE