The United Services Union (USU), your Union, has taken action before the New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission to ensure that the Central Coast Council upholds its commitments to a comprehensive Salary System review. The USU is deeply concerned about the Council’s Salary Progression system, which it believes does not align with the principles of skills-based progression outlined by the NSW Local Government Award.

Recent Developments

The New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission recently held proceedings at Central Coast Council’s Administration Building on May 9, 2024. The outcomes of these proceedings were positive, with both parties resolving to establish a Salary System sub-committee. This sub-committee will include USU representation, with USU Workplace Delegates Neola Stewart and Larry Freeman participating alongside USU Officials. A draft Salary structure was also discussed during these proceedings.

Pictured: USU Representatives Working for you!

Central Coast Workplace USU Delegates and USU Officials who attended the NSW Industrial Relations Commission at Central Coast Council

Key Principles and Commitments

  1. Maintenance of Entry-Level Rates: The USU emphasised the importance of maintaining current entry rates of pay across the entire system. The Council has already committed to this principle as of May 9, 2024.
  2. Skill Measurement and Grade Pay: The USU aims to eliminate compression in pay rates throughout the system. Adequate skill measurement between positions and correct application of higher-grade pay are essential.
  3. Equitable and Attainable Salary Progression: The USU believes that the Council’s current salary progression framework lacks objectivity. It should provide fair and attainable progression based on skills acquisition as consistent to the Award.
  4. Compliance with Award: The USU expects the Council to fully comply with the Local Government (State) Award.
  5. Market Forces Payment: The USU seeks to remove the Council’s reliance on subjective “market forces” payments for individual selection across “like for like” classifications and overall salary system compression issues.

USU’s Commitment

The USU remains steadfast in holding Central Coast Council accountable to the Award. We will continue to advocate for fair and transparent salary practices that benefit all employees.