My name is Lachlan McGregor. I am an Industrial and Employment Lawyer at Slater & Gordon Lawyers, working across Canberra, NSW and Queensland.

I am a proud union member, and consider it a privilege to work with unions and their members in the fight for justice, dignity and fairness at work.

For me, being a union member means being part of something bigger than myself. It means standing together in solidarity and unity for a better, fairer world.

At its core, unionism is about recognising that working people are stronger when we join together.

In the legal industry, unionism is just as important as anywhere else.

All working people have a part to play in helping to shape a fairer and more equitable world – and that often starts in the workplace. The best way for all workers to do so – including lawyers – is by joining their union and becoming actively involved.

It’s also important to recognise the role we can play in shaping the future of work. By joining a union, you’re not only strengthening the rights of workers today, but building a better working future for those that come after us.