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Over the past few months the USU has been involved in several matters which have the potential to affect NPBS Union members.


This is an issue that was first raised with NPBS management in 2015 and resulted in several Union members receiving back pay as the additional hours they had worked had not been paid at the correct rate.

Clause 14.12 of the NPBS 2015 EA states:

14.12 Part Time employees who nominate in writing to work agreed additional hours during the span in which Ordinary Hours are worked will be paid at their Normal Hourly Rate.

Example 1
A part time employee is requested to work additional hours by their manager as a result of employee shortages and there are no relief or casual employees available. The additional hours worked will be at overtime rates.

Example 2
A part time employee has volunteered to work additional hours offered prior to alternative arrangements (such as relief or casual employees) being made. The additional hours worked will be at single rates.

It is the position of the Union that a part time employee “volunteering to work” means that the employee has voluntarily stated they are available to work extra days than those of their contracted hours – basically they have actively sought extra hours.

IT DOES NOT MEAN that by an employee sending an email confirming they will work after being asked by their manager or other NPBS Management personnel that the employee is “volunteering” – it is clearly, in our view, an offer and acceptance situation and should be paid at overtime rates.

This occurrence appears more prevalent in the regional areas where little or no relief is available although we have been advised that this practice does occur in the Newcastle and Central Coast areas.

The USU presented its concerns to NPBS management who have agreed to conduct a review of additional hours worked to ascertain how widespread this misconception has become.

The Society has advised their review should be complete by mid July 2018.

Your Union urges members who may be affected by this issue to look back over their records as confirmation of extra hours may be required to ensure you have received the correct payment.


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