The USU asked NPBS Management this very question and their reply was, to say the least, brief stating the reason for opening was “to ensure that we are there for our customers and support the communities in which we operate”.

You can download our letter and the Society’s response for your perusal.

We know from your feedback that trading on these days – similar to trading on Saturdays during the Xmas break – DOES NOT see an increased customer flow and in fact many NPBS Union members who work in shopping centre branches have reported the centres are like “a Ghost Town” as most customers are out enjoying the festivities in their local area or assume the branches are closed.

It is also the Union’s view that NPBS employees should be extended the opportunity to participate in the numerous family based events throughout the Perms area of coverage many of which commence mid-morning.

By having to work until 12.15 or even later many NPBS employees may miss these events.

For an organisation that prides itself on its community involvement it is puzzling why they see fit to preclude a portion of their workforce from spending the full day with their family and friends – many of whom will be involved in such events.

Your Union is extremely disappointed at the Society’s decision not to grant the day off and question Senior Management and the Board’s recognition of the significance of the day to many NPBS employees.

For more information you can contact:

USU official
Paul Sansom 0409 076 633 or

USU Workplace Delegate
Dannielle Hunt
4943 7455