With the rejection of NPBS’ Enterprise Agreement proposal, USU members and other employees have sent a clear message that their offer was below your expectations.

Your USU negotiating team expressed this view on more than one occasion during negotiations and also stated the Union would not endorse the offer, however, Management thought it was generous enough.

Obviously not.

So where to from here?

Further negotiations will be required to come up with a package that is acceptable to you, the employees covered by the terms and conditions of the EA.

We understand that Society Management have recently sent out a survey to gain feedback on why the EA was rejected.

The USU encourages all members to provide honest feedback, however, we are also aware that some members may not be comfortable being “brutally honest” with Management for fear of being criticised for being negative.

Because of this Your Union would also like to hear from you regarding the areas you feel the EA “fell short”.

We will use this feedback to push for a “better deal” next ti me around.

We want to hear from you

This is a very basic survey – tell us why you rejected the proposal and what needs to improve for you to vote YES next time.

Simply send an email to me at psansom@usu.org.au outlining your concerns.

As always feel free to share this email with your workmates and encourage them to join the Union.

Although it is difficult to have face to face meetings during this time we are working on ways to have some group discussions online – stay tuned.

For further information, including requesting the USU application form contact your Organiser Paul Sansom or your delegates Dannielle or Skye on the numbers below. Alternatively you can visit our website www.united@usu.org.au

If you have any questions about this email, please contact me on 0409 0766 33 or via email at psansom@usu.org.au or one of the below delegates. 

Dannielle Hunt – USU Workplace Delegate
P: 4943 7455
E: danni.york@npbs.com.au

Skye Ferfoglia – USU Workplace Delegate
P: 4952 4422
E: skye.ferfoglia@npbs.com.au