The Newcastle Permanent Building Society Enterprise Agreement 2015 (the EA) expires in September 2018 and normally Your Union would be calling for ideas from members on what needs to be changed/removed/improved in the next EA.

However NPBS Management have requested that the current EA be “rolled over” for 12 months instead of entering into full formal negotiations for a new EA.

Your USU official Paul Sansom and workplace delegate Danni Hunt along with other members of the 2015 Enterprise Agreement Staff Negotiating Team met with NPBS representatives on Monday May 7, 2018 to discuss this proposal.

Management presented three main reasons for the rollover in preference to full negotiations:

  1. They are looking at widening the “scope” of those covered by the EA
  2. They are looking to review the current job classification structure
  3. By deferring negotiations there may be opportunities to enhance terms and conditions of employment to remain competitive.

NPBS has offered a 2.25% pay increase in September 2018 should this proposal be acceptable to employees.


  1. Your Union has been relentless in pushing for Level 4 & 5 employees to be covered by a Collective Agreement since the Society placed them on Individual Contracts in 2007, therefore we welcome the decision to broaden the scope of employees covered by the EA – albeit several years late in our view.
  2. Management recently asked for feedback from the USU on proposed changes to the Level 1-3 classification structure and have subsequently made some variations based on this feedback.
    Provided these changes give clearer guidelines for progression and no USU member is disadvantaged the Union will support this process.
  3. The USU has an open mind on NPBS Management’s “wait and see” plan in regard to outcomes of other organisations’ negotiations. If we can improve conditions for NPBS Union members by using this approach it may well be worth the wait.

Many USU members have raised issues with current entitlements contained in the current EA, however, during the course of yesterday’s meeting it was agreed many of these issues may be due to the “interpretation” of the current clauses and Management have indicated they will work with the Union in resolving these anomalies over the next few months.

Entitlements causing concern include:

  • Extra hours for Part Time employees – is it at ordinary rate or Overtime rates
  • Payment of travel allowance when you have to relieve at other branches
  • Start and finish times for Part Time employees
  • Overtime – when is it payable and does it have to be taken as time in lieu
  • Time in lieu – when do I take it – can it be paid out

The wage increase proposed by NPBS Management is reasonable, but not outstanding, and there are still issues with several clauses as set out above.

Your Union is prepared for either option however we need to know what our members want

SO we need your feedback.

Please email Paul your preference:
1. I wish the USU to agree with the proposal to rollover the Enterprise Agreement for 12 months with a 2.25% pay increase
2. I wish the USU to enter into full negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement

We will be led by what the majority of NPBS Union members want therefore it is important you provide us with your view.

Please respond by the close of business Wednesday May 16 May 2018 so we can let NPBS Management know our position at the next scheduled meeting on Thursday 17 May 2018.

For more information you can contact:

USU official
Paul Sansom 0409 076 633 or

USU Workplace Delegate
Dannielle Hunt
4943 7455