In early March 2021 a USU member contacted Your Union regarding their roster being changed due to the Easter Saturday Public Holiday when NPBS branches are closing on this day.

The member stated that they had to work an extra Saturday in the roster cycle to make up their hours.

This raised concerns for the Union as under the Fair Work Act 2009 employees have a right to be absent on a Public Holiday and an employer cannot deliberately change rosters to avoid paying employees for the Public Holiday.

Your Union wrote to NPBS Management regarding these concerns and although they initially disputed the Union’s view Management reviewed their position and agreed with the Union’s position.


As the April 2021 rosters for the Branch network have already been set NPBS Management have proposed the following solution:

  • ALL Full Time employees will be paid for Easter Saturday and granted 3 ½ hours Time in Lieu.
  • If a full time employee then works another Saturday in this roster cycle they will receive AN ADDITIONAL 3 ½ hours Time in Lieu – meaning the TIL will be 7 hours for the cycle.
  • Part Time employees who work alternate Saturdays will be paid for the Public Holiday IF they would normally be rostered on for that particular Saturday.
  • Part time employees who work a 1 in 4 (or similar) roster will be paid for the Public Holiday if there is “ a reasonable expectation” that April 3 would have been their normal Saturday.

This is a great result and further demonstrates how the USU continues to ensure members workplace rights and entitlements are adhered to.

Please show this flyer to your workmates who might not realise the results we can get by working together.

NOTE: The USU is not suggesting NPBS Management deliberately changed the rostering arrangements rather it appears to have been a lack of awareness of the appropriate legislation.

If you have any questions about this email, please contact USU Organiser Paul Sansom on 0409 0766 33 or via email at or one of the below delegates. 

Dannielle Hunt – USU Workplace Delegate
P: 4943 7455

Skye Ferfoglia – USU Workplace Delegate
P: 4952 4422