Your Union has been corresponding with NPBS Management to gain clarification on how employees will be affected when the Society closes many Branches on Saturdays commencing in October, 2020.

From their responses we believe the following:

  • Full Time employees will be required to work 1 in 4 Saturdays – if their current Branch does not open on a Saturday they will be required to work at the closest open Branch taking into consideration the employee’s home address – not branch to branch.
  • Part Time employees are required to return to their “pre Covid” hours which usually means working alternate Saturdays.
  • Part Time employees that do not wish to work alternate Saturdays have been told they will need to reduce their contracted hours.
  • Part Time employees have very little ability to reduce lunch hours to make up hours during the week – the Union finds this extremely disappointing.
  • NPBS employees WILL NOT be paid Travel Allowance or Parking when required to work at a different branch to make up their hours.

The USU has been very vocal for some time advocating and campaigning for Full Time employees to work less Saturdays because, let’s face it, working Saturdays is “a drag” for most, however, we do not want to see any employee disadvantaged by the proposed changes.

Therefore, the USU strongly recommends that Union members, either Full Time or Part Time, who have been requested to change their number of contracted hours or who feel they are going to be worse off from the proposal to NOT sign anything until you have contacted the Union for advice.

For more information contact one of your USU representatives:

Paul Sansom
USU Official
Mob 0409076633

Dannielle Hunt
USU Workplace Delegate
Ph 49437455

Skye Ferfoglia
USU Workplace Delegate
Ph 49524422