For the most of 2020 your USU EA negotiating team, consisting of USU Official Paul Sansom and Workplace Delegates Danni Hunt and Skye Ferfoglia were joined by other Employee Bargaining Representatives in attempting to get the best possible outcome for Union members through negotiations with NPBS Management.

After numerous meetings, and an unfortunate hiatus caused by the COVID 19 lockdown, the Society has informed your Union that negotiations are finished as they feel their latest offer is a reasonable package and it is as much as NPBS can afford.

Your Union has continually rejected previous sub-standard offers from NPBS Management and although we have been able to gain some valuable concessions through tough bargaining we feel this final offer still falls short of our expectations.

The USU is satisfied with NPBS’ decision to:

  • Increase their initial offer of 3 days Wellbeing Leave to 4 days after 12 months service.
  • Change the Hours of Work for Full Time employees to enable more roster flexibility – in all areas not just the Branch network.
  • Introduce 10 days paid Domestic and Family Violence Leave
  • Agree to clearer provisions for Part Time extra hours including a 20% loading for extra hours worked with less than 7 days notice

The USU does not agree with:

  • the removal of the 1.5 EA days for Full Time employees
  • the annual salary increases of 1.00% and 1.25% as we feel they are still below a reasonable level

However, it is you, the USU members affected by the proposed Agreement who ultimately have to make the decision.
NPBS will shortly be sending every NPBS employee an outline of their proposal and you will have the opportunity to look through their offer and see what it means to you.

If you decide the offer is good enough vote YES if it is not up to your expectations vote NO.

What happens if it is a YES vote?

The Agreement is lodged with the Fair Work Commission and will run for the next two years.

What are the ramifications from a NO vote?

If the majority of votes are NO it means the parties go back to the negotiating table and your USU team will continue to push for a better deal – one that is acceptable to Union members.

Finally, thank you to all USU members at NPBS for your support, feedback and perseverance during these tough times – your Union really values your membership.

PLEASE NOTE: It is vitally important that each employee votes as the result is based on a majority of the ACTUAL VOTES CAST.

For example there are around 400 employees on the EA and if only 300 vote only 151 votes for one option are required to get a result.

For more information contact one of your USU representatives:

Paul Sansom
USU Official
Mob 0409076633

Dannielle Hunt
USU Workplace Delegate
Ph 49437455

Skye Ferfoglia
USU Workplace Delegate Ph 49524422