As you may be aware, your union & the AFL had a conciliation conference at the Fair Work Commission yesterday, 14 September.

A conciliation conference is a relatively informal setting in which the parties express their views before a Commissioner, who will then (generally) make a recommendation as to how the parties should progress the matter(s).

In this case, as hoped, your union was successful in having the Commissioner recommend to the parties that they set aside time in the very near future to discuss our concerns at length in a formal setting.

A seat at the tableA great outcome
As published in today’s News Limited publications, your union released a statement saying, “This is a great outcome for our members and employees and we look forward to working with the AFL to resolve these issues.”

The next steps
The next steps for us will be to write to the AFL and outline in a letter our specific concerns as they relate to the consultation; we will have this correspondence sent by CoB tomorrow, 16 September. Following that, we will convene a formal meeting to discuss these concerns. If you or your colleagues are able to share any of your individual concerns relating to the consultation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Yesterday’s outcome is potentially a very significant day for those of you working in our elite sporting competition administrations, whether it be the AFL, NRL, ARU, A-League. We are advised that this is the first time ever that administrative staff representatives have been granted a “seat at the table” of any kind, and it’s all down to the perseverance of YOU.

We would ask that you distribute this flyer to at least one of your colleagues, encouraging them to take up membership of the USU (if in NSW) or the ASU. If, in these times, there are people who wish to join but are experiencing financial hardship of any kind, they are more than welcome to get in touch with their state organiser to discuss options.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact

Troy Dunne – 0419 403 076; or
Emily Callachor – 0417 420 924