After the “jaw dropping” news of the proposed merger between Greater Bank and NPBS there are so many questions being asked by not only employees but also customers of both institutions.

As the USU is the Union that covers both institutions Your Union was informed of the proposal in a “zoom” meeting with the heads of HR from both entities – Kristy Bagnall Greater Bank and Shilpa Uppal NPBS – and USU Newcastle based Official Paul Sansom -immediately following the announcement to their respective employees.

Naturally this announcement raised many questions but the most important question, from a Union viewpoint, was “what happens to our members if and when the merger goes ahead?”.

We have been assured that there will be NO FORCED REDUNDANCIES and NO BRANCH CLOSURES for a period of two years following the date of merger.

This is welcome news – however, without wanting to be “the prophet of doom” – it will be the period following this two years Your Union is concerned about.

There was a commitment given from both heads of HR that the USU would be included in ongoing discussions regarding the merger and this should also be seen by Union members as a good thing.

As you know this proposal is only at the MOU stage so there is a fair way to go yet before any changes are seen.

We know there are so many unknowns at the moment and we ask that if you have questions raise them with management OR send them through to the USU and we will ask them on your behalf.

One thing is for sure – WE WILL BE WITH YOU THROUGH THIS MERGER as we are with you every day of your working life.

It’s important to note we can only help Union members so it might be a good time to chat to your workmates about joining the USU.


USU Officials:

Paul Sansom (North)     Mob 0409076633         Email:

Mick Jones (Illawarra)    Mob 0450020589         Email: