Your USU negotiating team, along with other bargaining representatives, have recommenced discussions with NPBS Management in an effort to negotiate an amended EA offer that we feel will be acceptable to Union members.

We have been clear in reporting to Management that the majority of feedback from Union members is that the pay increase offered was far too low and along with changes to leave provisions including the removal of 11/2 EA days the offer was well below expectations.

NPBS Management has engaged external consultants to assist with “framing” an amended offer and, to date, the meetings have been very productive.

Management are currently preparing a more detailed document to outline and support their offer, termed a Value Proposition, and they will provide this to the negotiating committee shortly.

With the festive season fast approaching all parties agree that there will be no change of finalising an agreed proposal before mid to late January 2021.

USU Official Paul Sansom, with great support from Workplace Delegates Danni Hunt and Skye Ferfoglia, will continue to push for an improved package in the New Year.

We are sure you will all agree 2020 was a year like no other and thankfully we can shortly put it well and truly behind us.

On behalf of everyone at the USU we wish members a happy and safe festive season and we thank you for your ongoing support.

For more information contact one of your USU representatives:

Paul Sansom
USU Official
Mob 0409076633

Dannielle Hunt
USU Workplace Delegate

Skye Ferfoglia
USU Workplace Delegate