The USU/ASU is incredibly concerned with today’s media reports that Bain are abandoning their commitment to keep Virgin a full service airline, supporting a workforce of 6,000.

We have today sought an urgent briefing from Bain seeking clarification on the commitments Bain gave to the workforce and to the public in August ahead of Virgin’s sale, in particular:

  • Retaining 6,000 workers
  • Tiered cabin classes
  • Airport lounges
  • The airline’s international arm
  • The promise of a fleet of 75 aircraft – there are just 56 aircraft ready for flying

The company creditors supported the bid by Bain based on these commitments. Any departure from this would be a massive breach of trust by the new owners.

If Bain truly want to work together with its workforce and the unions to get Virgin flying again – they need to put a stop to the rumours and immediately come clean on their plans.

Bain need to immediately come clean with its workforce about its plans.

Virgin workers have been through more than enough over the past 7 months with COVID-19, stand-downs, voluntary administration, redundancies, management pushing to cut pay and conditions. And now on top of all that – the workforce is facing the promises made to them about the future of the airline through the sale process being broken.

It’s not fair on Virgin workers. It’s not good enough.

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