Yes it’s time to cast your vote on the Enterprise Agreement offer put forward by NPBS Management.

Your USU Negotiating Team was prepared to participate in further discussions to secure a better overall deal for Union members, however, NPBS Management decided that they had negotiated enough and feel this offer is adequate and should be accepted by employees.


Feedback from members indicates that there is some concern over what happens if the Agreement is voted “down”. Here is the simple answer:

Your conditions remain the same until a better deal is negotiated!

If USU members and other employees DO NOT feel this offer is good enough
Vote NO
and your Union will go back into further negotiations with NPBS Management.

In their recent FAQ document NPBS Management infer that to increase the wage offer they will have to take it out of the leave provisions – this is NOT necessarily correct.

Be assured the Union has not, and will not, agree to the erosion of leave entitlements and will seek a more acceptable wage increase offer from Society Management.

Given the Branch Managers and Head Office Team Leaders have now elected NOT to be covered by this EA the Society should have more money available as they do not now have to provide the 40+ employees in that group with 4 days Wellbeing leave.

If you vote YES you agree that:

  • ALL full time employees will lose 1 ½ days EA leave
  • Employees with between 1-4 years will gain an increase in Flexi Leave (now called Wellbeing leave)
  • All employees will receive 1% pay increase in 2020 and 1.25% in 2021
  • (NOTE: CBA staff recently voted NO to their EA which had increases of 2% and 1.5%)
  • All employees will be eligible for 10 days paid Domestic Violence leave
  • CCC employees who work after 6pm will be paid a 20% loading

The current EA offer which comes along at a time when there are also proposed changes to Saturday trading, how and when Higher Duties Allowance will be paid and uncertainty around this year’s Bonus Payment raises the question: IS THIS PACKAGE GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?

For more information contact one of your USU representatives:

Paul Sansom
USU Official
Mob 0409076633

Dannielle Hunt
USU Workplace Delegate
Ph 49437455

Skye Ferfoglia
USU Workplace Delegate
Ph 49524422