Your Union negotiating team has been working to build a package that will be acceptable to USU members.

The NPBS Management team has been presented with our log of claims (right) and in turn NPBS Management presented the Union team and other Employee Bargaining Representatives with a proposal.

There have been robust discussions regarding the offer presented by NPBS as it is, in Your Union’s view, well short of expectations at this point in time.

Your Union has major concerns in areas relating to the following:

  • Removal of the 1 ½ EA days – a loss of 1 ½ days for a large majority of employees under the EA.
  • Replacement of the Flexible Leave entitlement from a maximum of 4 days with 1 Birthday Day and 2 Wellbeing Days – a loss of 1 day for employees with more than 5 years service.
  • Introduction of a Performance Based Pay system where there is no annual Salary increase for those who fall below a “Meets Expectations” rating – no increase for those who may be struggling which will potentially increase workplace stress.
  • Increase of Span of Hours to be 7.30AM to 8.00PM which increases the time during which you can work WITHOUT receiving Penalty Rates/Shift Loadings – a potential negative impact on both Branch Network staff and CCC staff.

Branch Managers and Team Leaders have also expressed concerns around the potential loss of their current 10% “at risk” bonus payment as NPBS Management have stated that anyone on the EA will only be eligible for 5%.

This could see a considerable financial loss – based on performance – for these employees.

The Union can see no reason why the current Bonus percentages cannot remain – after all the Bonus scheme is NOT part of the EA and can be changed by Management at any time.

Negotiations are continuing and Your team is currently preparing a submission combined with other Bargaining Representatives to justify claims raised by Union members and other employees.

The United Services Union requests the following matters be addressed during negotiations for the above Enterprise Agreement:

      • Annual wage increases
      • MSO pay rates
      • Redundancy provisions
      • Part Time extra hours provisions
      • Relief allowances
      • Travel allowance and reimbursement
      • Payment of parking for employees
      • Overtime provisions for all employees covered by the Agreement
      • Hours of work provisions
      • Flexible leave provisions
      • Higher duties allowance
      • Fitness passport
      • Reintroduction of Leave Loading
      • Increase in Superannuation contributions

The above list is not exhaustive and the Union reserves the right to address any other matters that may arise during negotiations.

For more information please contact USU Official Paul Sansom – or Mob. 0409076633 or USU Workplace Delegate Danni Hunt – or Ph 49437455