At Monday’s Georges River Council Meeting more than 80 staff attended to watch the 305 strong petition be tabled to the Council.

Councillors (Clr Hindi LIB, Clr Katris ALP and Clr Badalati ALP) tried to give their explanation about why they endorsed the review into wages costs.

Having so many staff at the Council meeting sent a very strong message to the Councillors that this issue needs to be resolved.

Thank you to the staff who showed up and for the staff who signed the petition.

At the Council meeting the USU asked for all councillors to work together to resolve this potentially open wage cost review.

As we all know, Council needs more staff not less and this is supported by statistics from the Office of Local Government. Georges River Council’s staffing numbers are 74% of comparative councils. This means that at Georges River Council staff do the work of 4 staff with 3 people.

Next Steps.
The USU will be working with the Councillors to find some compromise to ensure staff are not affected by the delay in the special rate variation and proposed wages cost review.

Please contact your workplace delegate or Joel Conomos on 0419 761 325 to sign the petition or to the discuss the matter further.