It’s finally time to kick off negotiations for the NPBS Enterprise Agreement and that means finding out what is important to USU members.

In order to ensure we present NPBS Management with relevant and meaningful areas Union members want improved/changed/removed/added we need you input.

We are asking you to list below the 5 most important areas of your day-to-day working conditions that you feel require attention during these negotiations.

The USU negotiating team will then compile the list and present it to NPBS Management when negotiations commence.

The survey will close on close of business on Friday 20 September 2019.

The United Services Union can only collectively bargain on behalf of its members.

Non-members will need to make alternative arrangements to have NPBS Management address their concerns.

With decades of experience negotiating Enterprise Agreements and Awards in areas such as Local Councils, Building Societies, Health Funds, Energy Providers and Clerical industries the USU is well equipped to achieve the best outcomes for NPBS employees.

If you have any question about this email or require any assistance at work, please contact me on my mobile 0409 076 633 or via email at