EXTENSION OF EA, PAY INCREASES AND FAIR WORK COMMISSION HEARINGS. Yes, it’s a been a busy time for Your Union over the past few months!

We have assisted USU members at NPBS with regards to Higher Duties payments, Travel Allowance payments and numerous individual matters.

We have also been in constant discussions with NPBS Management concerning extending the 2015 EA for twelve months AND sought the assistance of the Fair Work Commission in clearing up the interpretation of the Part-Time extra hours issue.


The vote of employees on levels 1- 3 in relation to the Society’s proposal to extend the 2015 EA by another twelve months received a 73% YES vote.

That means all the existing conditions in the 2015 Agreement remain the same with the exception of the progression rules/methods at the back of the Agreement.

These were modified after consultation and input from the USU to provide greater clarity on what members need to do to in order to progress to the next level.

It also means employees covered by the EA will receive a 2.25% pay increase from the first pay period in September, 2018.

What Happens now?

During the rollover process the USU and NPBS Management discussed an indicative timeframe for the commencement of negotiations for the 2019 EA.

This will be in the first quarter of 2019.

Your Union will conduct visits to branches and Head Office over the next few months to get your ideas on what needs to be added/ improved/changed in the next EA.

We will also be looking for Union members who may be interested in being part of the USU negotiating team for the EA.

Look for more updates regarding the EA process.


As reported in our earlier flyer the USU and NPBS Management met in the Fair Work Commission before Commissioner Saunders in an effort to clarify the interpretation of Clause 14.12 of the EA in regard to Part-Time extra hours.

At the hearing the Society suggested they provide some wording to the Union and seek our agreement on the interpretation of the clause for the next twelve months – or until the 2019 EA is negotiated.

Your Union expressed concern that branches may be told to go short staffed rather than direct a Part Time employee to work to avoid paying the penalty rates.

The Society clearly stated this was not their intention and they subsequently amended their initial document to include clarity in this regard. (download here) 

We encourage Union members to ensure they check that they are being paid the correct rate and we also encourage Managers to contact the Union if they feel undue pressure being placed on them in regard to covering staff shortages with Part Time employees.

Over the past few months the USU has assisted several Part Time members who feel they have been underpaid and we are working co-operatively with NPBS to resolve these matters.

For more information you can contact:

USU official
Paul Sansom 0409 076 633 or

USU Workplace Delegate
Dannielle Hunt
4943 7455