Members will be aware that the Fair Work Commission has handed down its determination on clauses for your Enterprise Agreement. The determination was handed down on Wednesday 23rd November 2016.

The decision handed down will allow your employer to:

  • Make up to 600 staff forcibly redundancy by the 30th June 2018;
  • Have unlimited number of additional workers leave Essential Energy during the same period on voluntary redundancies;
  • Have unlimited forced redundancies from 1st July 2018;
  • Outsource jobs in regional areas.

The Union encourages our members to ensure:

  1. If you are approached by management to discuss your job or redundancy please let your Union know by contacting your delegate or the Union directly;
  2. Do not attend a meeting on your own, have your local delegate assist and support you;
  3. Advise your management in writing that you will be represented at the meeting by your Union delegate.

Your delegates are only too happy to assist you with any advice or information you would like. They are regularly updating your Union on what is happening at your workplace. Communication from our members is most important at this time; your delegates are listed below:

Coffs Harbour:
Daniel Welsh

Brett Causer

Port Macquarie:
Karen Pascoe
Leni Alexander
Linda Thompson

Leanne New

Robert Walker

Broken Hill:
Kevin Woodman
Neville Ocallaghan
Bryan Spanglar