Why Union Members Should Not Support Management’s Proposed Enterprise Agreement. Your voice is lost if this proposed Management Agreement is successful.

Voice lost

We all know that AHM members enjoyed the benefits of having their own AHM Enterprise Agreement.

The existing conditions and wage increases existed because AHM Union Members and Staff fought hard over many years to achieve wages and conditions that represented the hard work carried out in Wollongong.

Now Management are insisting Union Members and staff be covered by this proposed Medibank Agreement along with ALL of Medibank staff from across Australia.

Doing this will mean your vote will no longer be as powerful as it once was, you will now really only become just a number.

AHM is a separate business unit of Medibank, and its staff deserve to have their own Enterprise Agreement.

This agreement strips away conditions Union Members have long fought to ensure that they had a rostering system and conditions that protected themselves and fellow workmates from constant changes to rosters.

Union Members are well aware that they needed to ensure that they have a level of certainty with their rosters, so they can arrange child care, and other carers’ responsibilities, and in some cases Union members or their fellow work mates have a second job.

Under the current AHM Enterprise Agreement, if AHM wanted to change the days staff were rostered, they were required to give at least 12 weeks’ notice of a proposed change, and enter discussions with the employee affected.

The Management proposed Agreement strips away this protection. What they are now proposing is that if Medibank decide they want to change the days you work then they only need to give you 4 weeks’ notice, they will no longer need to give you at least 12 weeks’ notice.

How easy will it be for you to change child care arrangements?

How easy will it be to change other Carers responsibilities?

Do they Care? Vote No