This proposed Agreement is about your Wages and Conditions.

This agreement will see your real wages reduced:

  • The offer from your employer is 2% each year for a 3 year agreement, this is less than previous agreements and provides no recognition of employees’ productivity increases over the past 5 years
  • Given that Union Members have not received a wage increase since 2014, affectively the wage offer is 1.5% over the term of their proposed Agreement from your employer
  • The Government has not been willing to negotiate with delegates over the issue of back-pay, meaning staff have had their wages cut in real terms since the cessation of the previous agreement in 2015

Your working conditions reduced, and your rights removed:

  1. Your employer proposes to increase your working hours from 37.5 to 38 hours per week, effectively reducing the overall wage offer even further
  2. Existing Consultation requirements under your current Agreement, which set out a very detailed process and obligations for your employer to consult with employees on any proposed changes to your working conditions, are being removed and replaced with an inferior consultation clause
  3. Your visits under the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) may no longer be confidential. Your employer has removed the key word in this clause, the word “confidential”, putting your privacy at significant risk
  4. Your conditions of employment are being reduced to the bare minimum under Fair Work Act by your employer.

MOPS agreement