Breaking newsEssential Energy Workplace Determination will be issued by the Fair work Commission at 10am Wednesday 23rd November 2016.

  • Your Union will distribute a notice to our members as soon as possible after the decision has been issued.
  •  Your Union will convene a teleconference with your delegates on the 23rd November to discuss the impacts of the determination and how your Union will be supporting our members.


Union Members are reminded that;

  1. If you are approached by management to attend a meeting, relating to redundancy, contact your delegate or the Union directly.
  2. If you are requested to attend a meeting with management, ensure you have your delegate or a fellow Union member with you.
  3. Do not make ill informed decisions, ensure you have all the details you need to make a decision, give yourself time to calmly decide what you want to do, seek advice before you make a decision.

Your Union and your delegates will be gathering as much information from our members as possible to ensure that your Management treat their staff with respect and dignity to ensure that the requirements of the Workplace Determination are being strictly followed, so please keep your Union and your delegates informed on what is happening at your workplace.