The Union would like to inform Qantaslink Group 2 members that enterprise bargaining proceedings will continue with management next week. The main issues left on the table currently before being able to take the EBA to a vote relate to Sunday penalty rates and night shift penalty rates.

During the meeting next week we will focus on resolving this issue that will hopefully allow us to bring Sunday penalty rates in line with what is contained in the Qantaslink Group 1 Enterprise Agreement.

The result of our recent survey sent to members indicated strongly that, in return for removing the overnight double time payment, employees want to receive an increase from 75% to 100% penalty rate for Sunday shifts. The Union has taken this information on board and will endeavour to do everything in our power to ensure members’ voices are heard on the matter.

We realise some employees may be wishing for a speedy conclusion to EBA negotiations but we urge all people affected to be patient in order to ensure YOUR wages and conditions are properly negotiated. Keep in mind the Union is attempting to speed up the process as much as possible but we will not do so to the detriment of our members and the employees impacted.

In other news, Josh Paterson has taken over from Nick Herbert as Airlines Organiser for the USU and is keen to help all people involved. He can be contacted at 0419 761 320 or

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