Voting on Virgin Australia’s new enterprise agreement opens 12.01am Thursday. It’s time to join with your colleagues to vote to save your existing conditions and get a better deal and vote NO.

All Virgin Australia workers are invited to our snap meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5pm AEST to get the facts and have your questions answered.

Register for the all staff meeting by clicking here.  

Please forward this invitation to all of your colleagues as this meeting is open to all.

So, why are USU/ASU members voting NO to Virgin’s EBA proposal?

Because Virgin’s proposal: 

  • Cuts rest breaks from 20 minutes to 15 minutes (even worse, because Virgin’s proposal only allows 15 minutes break including travel time)
  • Opens the door to 3 hour shifts (the new agreement has a new clause that would allow guest services workers to be rostered less than 4 hour minimum shifts)
  • Cuts sick and carers leave from 16 days a year to 14 days a year
  • Caps DIL accrual to a maximum of 3 DILs
  • Won’t be implemented for 3 months or more (they say the “desire” is for it to be implemented within 3 months)
  • Will require more hours for full time employees for no extra pay
  • Includes a two-tier part time model
  • Restricts the flexibility of job share


  • Staff will get a pay increase awarded by the Fair Work Commission from 1 July, even if you vote NO
  • None of the promises being made by management to get you to vote for their proposal are enforceable unless they are written into the Agreement
  • Come to our zoom meeting this Wednesday at 5pm – register here:  – and invite all your colleagues, this is open to everyone


If you are not already a member, now is the time to join. You can join online here:

For more information contact USU Organiser Peter Munford at or 0417 420 924.