The combined energy unions have been in consultation with Ausgrid in relation to their compliance with legislative changes to the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act (‘SoCI’).  

The changes to this legislation will mean that segments, if not most of, our membership will be subject to background checks completed by a third party.

Throughout the consultation, the combined energy unions have resisted Ausgrid’s intentions to require background checks that go far and above those required under SoCI. To these ends, Ausgrid has persisted with their efforts.

With that being the case, your union writes to advise members that the combined energy unions have placed the Personnel Security Procedure into dispute citing Ausgrid’s over-reach.  

Please distribute this amongst your colleagues and please encourage those colleagues who aren’t members of your union to join via this


If you have any questions about this email, please contact USU organisers Troy Dunne or Paul Sansom.

Troy Dunne 
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Paul Sansom
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