The CCR sub-committee that was formed as part of your Agreement negotiations have met throughout September/October and we wish to provide members an update on the committee’s progress.

“Streamlined Selection Policy” (soft progression)
You may recall that in its original form, CCR was exclusively reliant on people being promoted through bands via the merit appointment process, an idea the combined unions felt was contrary to what CCR had been promoted as. Throughout your Agreement negotiations, we achieved the aim of removing this burden by introducing a ‘soft’ progression, whereby people could progress to a higher band without relying on merit based promotion.

The original soft promotion scheme presented to the unions, though, still restricted the ability of those in occupations under USU coverage from accessing this promotion scheme, something the USU resisted.

After several meetings, though, we are pleased to advise that the soft promotion scheme will apply to ALL roles in ALL work streams that will work in Bands from A1 up to D1, excluding people leaders. To use Functional Services Stream Pay Points as a reference, this means people earning between $49,587 and $101,012 may be able to progress to the bottom level of the next band via soft promotion.

Criteria for the streamlined process are as follows:

  • An ongoing need for work at a higher work level standard has been identified and is intended to be ongoing (at least 12 months);
  • The role is contained to a workgroup within a geographical location;
  • The need hasn’t been generated by a vacancy;
  • The need hasn’t come as a result of restructure and there is no FTE impact within the local workgroup; and
  • The role represents a promotion opportunity within the local workgroup.

If you have any questions relating to Work Level Standards or Performance Development, please contact Troy Dunne on 0419 403 076/ or Paul Sansom on 0409 076 633/

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