Union Picnic Day is a Council holiday which your union, the United Services Union has negotiated as part of your Award, for Union members only!

The Central Coast Council’s USU Picnic day, held in December each year, is a great opportunity for all members to spend time with each other and their families in a casual, fun environment.

This year’s USU Central Coast Picnic Day Event will be held on 7th December 2018 at Wyong Pool 10AM – 4PM – Ithome Street, Wyong.

Union Picnic Day is a holiday under the State Award, so if you are a USU member and have to work that day you are entitled to be paid at public holiday rates.

Being paid at public holiday rates is an acknowledgment that attending the USU picnic makes for a great day, and it is a real shame to have to miss out on being part of it.

If you are asked to work on Union Picnic Day (7th December 2018) and you accept to work, your entitlement under the Award is as follows:

  • Payment at double time and a half inclusive of the payment of the day with a minimum payment of four hours worked
  • If agreed between Council and the USU member – paid time and a half for the hours worked along with being granted equivalent time off in lieu. Such leave shall be taken at a mutually convenient time.

USU members should not accept any conditions that are offered by Council that are less than the Award provisions.

Remember, Union Picnic Day is for Union members only that means any non-financial members of the Union are required to utilise their own leave entitlements on 7th December 2018.

If any USU members are unsure of your rightful Union Picnic Day entitlements, please contact your local Central Coast USU Workplace Delegates or USU Organiser Luke Hutchinson – 0419 761 323 or lhutchinson@usu.org.au

Not yet a member??
Want to ensure you receive an additional paid holiday on the 7th December 2018? Join the United Services Union prior to 22nd November 2018.

How to Join?
Please contact your local Central Coast workplace delegate or Luke Hutchinson on 0419 761 323 or lhutchinson@usu.org.au or join online here.