Have you received the recent email from Auscript senior management blaming staff sick leave for the late delivery of transcripts?

The USU finds this kind of worker blaming attitude outrageous given that Auscript have just recently closed not one but three offices across the country leaving workers with extremely short consultation periods. Scores of workers have been made redundant across the country in the wake of these closures.

As members will recall the USU lodged a dispute with the FWC on this matter and have recently released a bulletin explaining that the Commissioner was scathing of Auscript’s lack of genuine consultation with affected employees and the USU.

The USU is outraged to now see Auscript sending out communications trying to make staff feel guilty for taking ‘unnplanned leave’ and using this as an excuse for why Auscript has delivered client transcripts late. There is a direct correlation between Auscript closing three offices and their service delivery levels.

USU members are reminded that sick leave is an entitlement won by hard working Union members like you. Your right to take sick leave is enshrined in law and Auscript cannot take this away from you despite their client deadlines.

Members will not be made to feel guilty for taking sick leave when they are unfit to work due.

Auscript has an obligation to maintain a workforce that is large enough to fulfil their workload, if Auscript is struggling to meet their deadlines this points to a staffing level issue and mismanagement of their workforce. Taking sick leave that you are entitled to does not impact Auscript’s clients, as such the USU reminds and encourages members to make use of their sick leave entitlements if you are not feeling well enough to work.

Simply put, if you are sick you should not be expected to come into work. Full-time workers are entitled to 10 paid sick leave days per year. Part-time workers are entitled to 10 paid sick leave days per year on a pro-rata basis. CUSUal workers are entitled to take unpaid sick leave if they are unfit to work.

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