The USU/ASU has lodged disputes in the Fair Work Commission under the Helloworld and Qantas Holidays Enterprise Agreements challenging the company’s proposal that workers agree to accept a pay cut.

Earlier this month, Andrew Burnes, the CEO and Managing Director of Helloworld Travel, and Alex Trifonidis, General Manager of HR at Helloworld, contacted some Helloworld employees asking them to agree to accept a substantial pay from the end of March (when JobKeeper concludes) until the end of 2021.

The USU/ASU wrote to Helloworld demanding a meeting with the company to discuss members’ concerns with the proposal, including Helloworld’s failure to comply with its consultation obligations under the Helloworld Services Pty Limited Agreement 2015 and the Australian Services Unions (Qantas Holidays Limited) Agreement 3.

We are still waiting for a response.

The Fair Work Commission dispute

It is unacceptable for Helloworld to contact employees asking them to accept a pay cut, and then refuse to engage with employees or the union to answer questions about the proposal.

The USU/ASU has commenced a dispute under the Helloworld Enterprise Agreement and the Qantas Holidays Enterprise Agreement to get some answers from the company.

In particular, the USU/ASU want to understand:

  1. How many employees have Helloworld asked to accept pay cuts?
  2. What role will employees be performing once Helloworld stands them up to work?
  3. What happens if an employee does not agree to accept a pay cut.
  4. If an employee does agree to a pay cut, how will this affect their entitlement to annual leave, personal leave and redundancy pay?

Are there other questions you want answered?

We will be scheduling a caucus with members before any conciliation facilitated by the Fair Work Commission, however, please contact your organisers with any questions or issues that require a response from the company.

Helloworld can’t force you to accept a pay cut

It is unlawful for Helloworld to demand that workers accept a pay cut, or exert pressure on workers to influence their response. If Andrew Burnes or Alex Trifonidis contacted you, you do not have to accept the proposed pay cut.

If Helloworld contact you or any of your colleagues pressuring you into accepting a pay cut, please contact the USU/ASU immediately.

Time to join the union!

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