Qantas bulletin

USU/ASU representatives met with management on Monday, 15 February and Tuesday, 16 February – and it became apparent that Qantas management have no idea how they are actually going to make their thought-bubble to cut the Sales, Service and Baggage Desks work.

This is shameful. It’s clear that the promised ‘digital servicing’ technology doesn’t even exist yet and that the contact centre doesn’t have the resources to handle the increased workload.

The USU/ASU has a simple question for Qantas: How can you close these on-airport services when the digital technology you say will replace them isn’t ready yet?

We’ve pressed Qantas for detail about some basic elements of their proposals:

  • How will “CSA assisted calls” to the contact centre actually work? What devices will passengers be using? How can CSAs assist passengers using their own devices in a COVID-safe way?
  • What do future state rosters look like?
  • How will you manage disruptions without sales and services desks on-airport?
  • How will the CJO and Hobart Contact Centre be resourced?
  • Will the new technology be ready when you plan to close desks and make people redundant?

Qantas either can’t answer these questions – not a single port has even started considering how disruptions would be managed. But Qantas want to plough ahead with their proposal anyway.

This isn’t good enough.

We know members want more certainty about their future – but we can’t let Qantas put members in danger by implementing a half-baked scheme to get by with faulty technology and half the necessary staff.

If Qantas moved ahead with any implementation before genuine consultation has occurred, we will take them to the Fair Work Commission.

We know this is a very stressful time, do not hesitate to seek assistance if you need it.  Organisations like Lifeline 131114 or Beyond Blue 1300 224 636 are available if needed.


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