As you may know from previous bulletins the USU wrote to Greater Management in mid January, 2020 expressing concerns around the proposed Digital Transformation and rollover of the Enterprise Agreement (EA) and requested a meeting to discuss these matters.

Following receipt of the Greater’s response a meeting was scheduled for Monday 17 February, 2020 where USU Officials Paul Sansom and Michael Jones met with Greater Bank representative Kristy Bagnall and Amanda Raymond these concerns.

At this meeting the timeline for implementation was explained and as it is not until late 2021, this should provide adequate opportunity for the Greater to provide Union members appropriate training prior to “going live”.

We understand there has been a considerable amount of communication from Greater Management to employees and the USU encourages members to go into “IKE” and review these messages/updates should they require further clarity on the process.

In relation to the extension/rollover of the EA, your officials raised the concern that Greater Management had not provided the Union with any specific details in regard to the proposal put to employees and could potentially have breached their obligations under the Fair Work Act 2009.

During our meeting Ms Bagnall and Ms Raymond provided more information on the process to be undertaken by Greater Management in relation to extending the EA leading up to the Digital Transformation launch date.

We envisage further communication regarding the formal process of extending the EA through the Fair Work Commission will be forthcoming shortly.

The discussions were productive and Your Union now has a clearer picture of the potential changes and effects of the proposed transformation.

Your United Services Union Organisers are:
Wollongong (Southern) – Mick Jones 0450 020 589 email
Newcastle (Northern) – Paul Sansom 0409 076 633 email