The USU/ASU was informed by members on the afternoon of the 15 January 2020 of Auscript’s intent to close the Sydney, Hobart and Adelaide offices and of the resulting job losses.

We understand that members were given extremely short notice of these critical workplace changes while the Union was not informed about these changes by the company at all.

However, members can be assured that the Union has already written to the company on the afternoon of the 15 January, expressing our disappointment with the lack of consultation with employees and the Union and that we seek an urgent meeting regarding this matter with the company.

Read the letter sent to Auscript from the USU/ASU here >

We are aware that Auscript is having video conference meetings with employees on the afternoon of the 15 January. Meanwhile, the USU/ASU via its letter is seeking formal information on the office closures and an urgent briefing and meeting with the company to discuss this critical matter.

If the USU/ASU is not satisfied with the quality and substance of this information and consultation then we shall consider lodging a dispute with the Fair Work Commission. The USU/ASU will keep you informed of any major developments.

If you have any questions about this email or require any assistance at work, please call USU Organiser Emily Callachor on 0417 420 924 or via email at