Bargaining continues to progress at Maurice Blackburn – in our most recent bargaining meeting, management have presented their initial offer on the table.

Your USU/ASU representatives had the opportunity to clarify a number of questions and will continue making representations for you as we seek your feedback on the offer.

What’s in the deal?

  • Introduction of pay bands: These set the minimum and maximum pay for each position, with individuals retaining the ability to request additional pay increases;
  • 2.75% to 3% pay increases: Management have offered a 2.75% pay increase for 2021/2022, and a 3% pay increase for 2022/2023 and 2023/2024. Employees who are paid at or above the pay band will receive a lower pay increase;
  • Increased parental leave: The offer involves removing the distinction between primary and secondary caregivers, and increasing the entitlement from 18 weeks to 22 weeks;
  • Increased long service leave: After the Agreement is approved, employees will accrue long service leave at the rate of 13 weeks for every 10 years of service (the current entitlement is 8 weeks);
  • Increased superannuation: The offer involves the superannuation rate increasing to 11% in July 2022, and to 12% in July 2023;
  • Annual leave loading removed: As a trade-off for other benefits in their offer, management are seeking to remove annual leave loading from the Agreement;
  • Coverage of Agreement reduced: The Agreement currently covers all employees for conditions – management are seeking to exclude Special Counsel, Principal Lawyers, and senior management.

Have your say! Is this good enough?

Ultimately, the position taken by the USU/ASU will be determined by members.

To get your feedback, members are invited to attend our member’s meeting with your USU/ASU Representatives next Tuesday via Microsoft Teams. Members have been sent details of the meeting via email. If you have not received an email contact Thomas Gao on the details below.

Thank you! Your USU/ASU Bargaining Team have been working tirelessly in their own time over several months to advocate and continue to secure decent improvements to your new Agreement.

They are: Lewis Hamilton, Sarah Avery, Penny Parker, Kara Hill, Katherine McCallum, Lucy Minter, Kerry Byrnes and Timothy McGinley.

If you have any questions about the proposed initial offer, please contact your USU/ASU Bargaining Representatives – we are only halfway there!

We are stronger together!

If you know a colleague who isn’t yet a member of their union, forward them this email and invite them to our meeting next Tuesday.

Our strength in negotiations directly depend on the growth of union membership in our firm.

New members can join online at or by calling 1300 136 604.

If you have any questions please contact Thomas Gao on 0417 420 924  or