The Union is aware that there has been some confusing information circulating about the Jetstar offer.

Jetstar have made an offer for workers to consider. Much has been achieved through the bargaining process. Your Union is visiting the workplace to talk to you about the package.

The Union is also aware that there has been some confusing information circulating about what Jetstar propose to do about averaging hours for rostering annual leave. We would like to set the record straight.

Your concerns
The Union has heard member’s concerns about the negative impact on part-timers when Jetstar use a projected roster for your annual leave. The issues have been raised with Jetstar at discussions prior to the commencement of bargaining and as a matter for negotiation discussions.

Jetstar’s response has always been that they would prefer to be able to average hours and implement clause 17.2.3 of your agreement.

In fact, Jetstar put a claim on the table for bargaining to do just that. They want to be able to move to the implementation of 17.2.3 as quickly as the payroll system is able to manage it.

The facts
Clause 17.2.3 has always allowed Jetstar to implement averaging of hours for the purposes of taking annual leave. The condition is that 28 days’ notice will be given and a consultation process with the Union will take place. This round Jetstar have made an additional commitment to honour this process in a Side Letter.

The Union endorses this approach. We believe we can work with you on what difficulties and problems might arise through implementation and represent those to Jetstar when the time comes.

What’s the alternative?
The Union and Jetstar were already in discussions with management before bargaining began. Jetstar have remained committed to make averaging of hours possible as soon as possible. We will hold them to account.

What’s next?
When making your decision on whether to endorse Jetstar’s package, members should consider that if the package is voted down then everything we have achieved could be off the table.

The Union encourages you to go to paid meetings with your Organiser to get the facts. Josh Paterson will be visiting your workplace at the following times:

Tuesday 6th March 0730-1030
Wednesday 7th March 0230-1430

Please contact Josh Paterson on 0419 761 320 or with any further questions. You may also see your delegate team as they are up to date with proceedings as well.