n our last meeting with Jetstar, the USU/ASU and union delegates raised a number of issues on behalf of members.  Jetstar has provided their responses which are below.

Roster Publication Lead Time

USU/ASU raised the inadequate notice in the roster publication time. Given the stabilisation in the schedule we requested that Jetstar return to pre-COVID rostering arrangements of publishing the roster 4 weeks out (that is, the current working week plus a further three weeks).  

We are pleased to say that has returned with a proposal that they continue to release rosters to cover the full pay fortnight. The Airline proposes to trial an extension that employees will have a maximum of five weeks roster view at the point of roster publication reducing to a minimum three weeks roster on the day that the following roster is due for release.

Members have reported this has been a significant issue at the Ports. With USU/ASU agitating on the issue, members can now start to return to being able to plan better work/life balance.

Maternity Leave Calculation

USU/ASU raised that we felt employees who are accessing maternity leave had been negatively impacted, with as Jetstar calculates maternity leave payments on average worked hours, which have been lower over the past year due to COVID.

Jetstar has responded that the minimum hours of engagement should provide enough protection when calculating maternity payments. For part time employees this means that maternity leave would be calculated as follows:

  • At Tullamarine, Sydney, Brisbane, Coolangatta and Cairns airports, the minimum weekly part-time hours will be twenty-five (25) hours.
  • At Hobart, Adelaide, Launceston and Avalon airports, the minimum weekly part-time hours will be twenty (20) hours.

Personal (sick) leave payment pending medical certificate

USU/ASU raised that the Airline is not paying sick leave when employees have a medical certificate pending.

Jetstar has reached an in-principle agreement with the USU/ASU – where a team member states they have a medical certificate, the leave is to be entered as ‘sick leave with a certificate’, and the team member is to provide the documentation the next available opportunity. The outcome of this is that team members would not have pay withheld while waiting to submit their documentation.
Personal (sick) leave payment – uncertified days

USU/ASU raised that part-time employees were experiencing issues when accessing sick leave for uncertificated days; consequently, incorrect payments are made.

Jetstar recognises that there have been circumstances where the correct payment has not been made to team members and aim to rectify this in the first pay period following the concern raised. Jetstar reports this occurs due to Workforce Planning’s process determining whether the payment should be made. We will continue to ensure that members are paid sick leave in accordance with the Agreement.

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