Turn it off


The Union appeared in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission today dealing with the dispute relating to the introduction of Auto Answer.

The Chief Commissioner has made a recommendation and the Service has AGREED TO THE RECOMMENDATION.

The Recommendation is as follows;

Call Takers have the choice to turn off Auto Answering.
This choice remains in place until the Service fixes the technical problems associated with withdrawing and selecting the reason for the withdrawal.

Based on the above agreed recommendation, the Union encourages our members to seriously consider your future welfare, and if you believe your welfare is and will be better without auto answer then TURN IT OFF.

This is effective immediately.

Please report to the Union any issues you experience if you have turned off auto answer.

Please continue to report to the Union and SSU all technical issues you have with the system.

We will send out further updates in the near future.

Thank you for your support.

Rudi Opptiz – P: 0409 662 460 – E: ropptiz@usu.org.au
Paul Samson – P: 0409 076 633 – E: psansom@usu.org.au
Emily Callachor – P: 0417 420 924 – E: ecallachor@usu.org.au