At this busy time of year we remind all of our Ausgrid members about the Protected Action Ballot proceedings and urge you to vote YES before Christmas.

It is imperative that you vote and vote YES to ALL items listed on the ballot sheet – a strong voter turnout coupled with an overwhelming yes votes affirms our position at the negotiating table.

Please ensure you return your ballot via mail at your earliest opportunity, or please give it to your delegate or organiser so that they may post it for you.

With the ballot running over the Christmas/New Year period we are urging all members to vote BEFORE Christmas.

Why are we conducting this Protected Action Ballot?

While our preference is to reach a negotiated outcome, we need to make sure Ausgrid know we have the backing of our members should we need to take industrial action.

This ballot is NOT about taking industrial action now – it is about giving the union and members the option to take that action should negotiations stall or take a turn for the worse.

Four years without a pay increase! Our members have waited long enough. Make sure Ausgrid knows how determined and united we are.

It is vitally important that all union members vote YES to taking Protected Industrial Action.

Don’t wait until after Christmas – vote now and make sure Ausgrid get the message!

Important dates:
✓ Wednesday 6 December 2017: Roll of voters closes at 5pm AEDT.
✓ Thursday 7 December 2017: Ballot opens – AEC posts ballot material to eligible voters
• Monday 8 January 2018: Ballot Closes 10am AEDT. AEC  counts ballot and declares the results to FWC and the parties as soon as practicable.
• Friday 12 January 2018: Date by which the ballot is to be completed by (as contained in the FWC order)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact your your Organisers Troy Dunne p: 0419 403 076 e: or Paul Sansom on 0409 076 633 or

Ausgrid PAB how to vote